Female Athletes
Kaipara Wahine

Considerations for female athletes

Girls and women in New Zealand have been playing football for almost 50 years. As participation numbers rise, so does the education of player well-being, sport performance, and injury prevention. Female footballers of all ages and skill levels have varying considerations across their playing career and participation in the sport. We can work with these considerations to enhance our performance, reduce our overall risk for injury, and improve our well-being based on our personal and team goals. Let’s look at three specific topics in more detail.

The biological process that is a measure of health in women, girls, and people who have a cycle.

Female athletes are at a higher risk of suffering certain injuries due to anatomical reasons, hormone cycles, and social and cultural factors.

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport and Low Energy Availability can affect people of all genders. However, the menstrual cycle can be a sign of RED-S and/or LEA which can have a negative impact bodily functions and health.